We help tech-based startups get the technology support they need to scale from concept to revenue to funding.


90 minutes, pizza, a white board, an idea and a technology architect. This session, usually $299, shows how your technology-based idea can be created.  One free session per month is reserved for qualifying Cincinnati Startups.

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Technology Roadmap

From your business plan, revenue model, and exit strategy, we identify the path and strategies your product and technology team can follow to support your success.  This 10-page report answers the hard questions of “Is this too risky and too complex?”  “What technology stack should I use?”  “Who do I need to hire?”  “How much should I budget for developers?”

Minimum Viable Prototype

With the plan in place, we work with your team to architect, prototype, and validate a solution that can quickly iterate from concept to revenue.


With the team and the product underway, the right processes, tools and expertise can make the difference between scaling up and bogging down.   From our experience with many startup clients, we can provide the consulting and recommendations that can get your team on the right track.

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